About Us

The Maboneng Township Arts Experience is a social entrepreneurship, tourism organisation that trains and works together with families and artists to convert their homes into art  galleries/museums. A perfect treat for the local and international tourism market.

The funds raised from tickets to visit our Gallery Homes, as well as product sales, go directly to support our training programmes and home gallery infrastructure. To date, Maboneng Township Arts Experience has helped create 50 jobs, start 20 new businesses and add 15 new Gallery Homes per year.

In 2015 we won the following awards: Top 32 Public Art Programs in the World at the International Public Arts Awards (China); along with Fringe Festival Award at Global Fine Art Awards (Miami).

The organisation’s programmes contribute substantially towards training, women and youth empowerment, income generation, as well as the advancement of transformation in impoverished townships across South Africa. The ongoing programmes impact the cultural, social, economic and environmental conditions of all participants. They transform the Township economy and improve quality of life for the long run. Our activities culminate in annual public arts festivals.

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