Meet the Founder

Siphiwe Ngwenya is the creater of South Africa’s first creative economy of home industries in the township. Ngwenya has 13 years experience in civic engagement and entrepreneurship and 15 yrs in the professional arts field. He is a painter, illustrator, conceptualist, explorer and self taught social scientist.

When he returned from a science expedition that took him from his home town, Alexandra Township to the Antarctica in January of 2008, not only did he come back with a mobile solar and wind powered workstation for his neighborhood to see, he proved to the South African community that his career is about more than offering social solutions for a youth in peril.

Today Ngwenya is a young man who is even proposing solutions for the South African energy and arts and culture crisis. Ngwenya is much more than a pop idol, he is an ambassador that has been shaped in the fire of people’s pain.

So you will not be surprised to know that Ngwenyaʼs music, art and message has always been reserved for something of much higher significance. As a vanguard of Hip Hop culture and expression, it is interesting to know that he is the founding member of South Africa’s pop phenomenon, Skwatta Kamp.

Keeping to his philosophy of the home being the epicenter of cultural affairs, Ngwenya has found himself turning more than 80 homes of families in townships around South Africa into galleries. A feat that is sure bringing character, identity and a new sense of where the arts should be heading and going.

Maboneng Founder, Siphiwe NgwenyaNgwenya collaborates with scientists, archeologists, engineers and artists for the advancement of a progressive South African Artʼs culture. He does it always with the intention of cultivating a success record for developing young minds and saving lives.

When you are able to bring your words to life, when you can turn rhymes into action, you are more than an artist. You are an activist.

Siphiwe has completed various leadership, business, Arts Management courses and speaking engagements with institutions such as Business Arts South Africa, Red Bull Amaphiko Academy, Common Purpose, Arts & Culture Trust, the Mandela Washington Fellowship Program and the Salzburg Global Seminar.