Maboneng - Celebrating the 100 years of Alexandra continues




Last month the 21st of March was not only a day where we commemorated the Human Rights Day but one where we commended the work of two highly gifted artists from Alexandra.  Clear blue skies and pleasantly warm sunshine made for perfect weather for an outdoor exhibition and helpful Alexandra residents were happy to have Thapelo Motsepe and Tommy Machaba’s art pieces hoisted up on the walls of their humbles homes at 63 – 4th avenue on display for all to see.  These talented men brought out their best work that afternoon and stood proudly beside their art pieces as art lovers from all walks of life arrived to admire their work. Themed ‘Alexandra; My Home’ the exhibition, like all Maboneng Arts events, revealed the treasure of talent that lies in the heart of the township. Tommy and Thapelo’s painting’s, sketches and sculptures depicted the story of Alexandra's colourful people, quaint dwellings, taverns, churches and lots more.  Cooling rain showers rounded off the day perfectly and what a successful day it was. Those who came out to view the artwork were blown away by the talent, the residents who lent us their space were happy to have played such a vital part in the exhibition and the stars of the day were showered with praise and filled with the new found hope of one day sharing their creations with the world. Please feel free to go to our products page to see the new selection of paintings for sale.

And if you missed out on that exhibition you’ll be glad to know that in April on the 21st, we will be bringing you a more detailed solo exhibition by Thapelo Motsepe at 150 – 9th Ave, corner 9th Ave and Madzunya str. We will commence activities at 13pm until 18pm.

Here Thapelo Motsepe will get a chance to showcase his latest line of paintings that were not exhibited on the 2012 March exhibition. Another artist called Thabo Phala with his collection of oil paintings will assist him. Thabo’s inclusion will form as a teaser for his own solo exhibition in the near future.

Finally throughout the month of May we’ll be bringing Alexandra Township to urban Johannesburg, exhibiting the work of both Thapelo Motsepe and Tommy Machaba at Arts on Main, the heart of artistic Johannesburg! Township art in an urban environment is bound to be a unique experience that you don’t want to miss out on. We will keep you updated with more details as we move closer to the time. Until then… Keep on shining.

Here are some images from our March Exhibition. Please feel free to inquire about the artwork if you would like to buy.

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