Langa Township Home Gallery Tour (Cape Town)

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A guided tour into South Africa’s oldest township, Langa Township includes:

  • Entrance fees into Gallery Homes: Experience exciting Gallery Homes which offer vibrancy, creativity and warmth including a delicious traditional meal with a local artist inside their Gallery Home.
  • A visit to the Langa Heritage Musuem giving its memorable history of the struggle against apartheid.
  • A journey to the beautifully decorated mosaic pillars and pieces each explaining a story of Langa Township.
  • A site visit to Xolilie Mosi’s monument who passed away in the 1976 student uprising outside the old Langa passcourt
  • A walk through a colorfully created Graffiti Route.
  • An option of a Full Day package is everything listed above including an interactive arts and music workshop that is great for the individual or family or group. These workshops range from drumming

Transport Details for Cape Town

Pick up points when booking our tour with Maboneng’s transport:

  • Option 1: Right outside Cape Town Tourism office
  • Option 2: The Watershed at Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront

Pick up points when booking our tour with your own transport:

  • Guga S’thebe Cultural Centre, Washington Drive (on GPS) the street has been renamed as Langalibalele Drive

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Product Description

Visiting South Africa has not become this good. The Townships have become the new city of marvel and the arts have made it this way. So, long gone are the days of township safaris from busses with binoculars. These are the days of working together, the days of talking and walking the same road together.

Let us start with our first Township, KwaLanga, the oldest Township in South Africa. Named after a great revolutionary man Chief Langalibalele who opposed the colonialist from strength to strength. His capture did not end his legacy but canonized him so that we can celebrate him through this township for many more years to come.

When you visit our township you meet our friendly creative arts guide who will take you on your first unforgettable journey of one of South Africa’s township gems. You will experience a scenic walk in the neighborhood, while seeing extra-ordinary street art done by artists from around the world. These artists, like our organisation, believe in re-creating the township from once a place known of poverty, to a place known for its happiness, heroes and families.

Our creative arts guide will lead you away to another piece of amazing architecture built by the City of Cape Town as a central space for the community of kwaLanga. This space is a home to a plethora of artists coming to create, explore and flourish.

Our creative arts guide now leads you on a historical journey, where you will be part of the history, so that you understand, as you walk the streets of KwaLanga, how and why it all came to be. See and read the mosaic book carved into stones by the sidewalks. Enter the local museum; let the images tell the story for themselves. Wonder no more of where the people come from.

Now our creative arts guide leads you on to the climax of our journey, to the inside of our gallery homes which this whole tour is about: The creation of new spaces in the township.  The founder, Siphiwe Ngwenya, when he realized the situation of a lack of spaces to exhibit artists in a suitable and respectable way, decided that enough was enough. He spoke and started educating home owners about the importance of turning their own homes into art galleries.

You can purchase any of the artworks that you see from each of the gallery homes. There is a card machine to ease the trouble of carrying cash with you.

A full day experience includes interactive arts and music workshops, which are great for the family or groups. These workshops range from drumming workshops and working closely with visual artists to create artwork.

You are now part of this community and this community a part of you. You have now joined our journey of turning Townships into Towns.

Additional Information

Langa Tour Duration

1. Half Day Tour (2-3 Hours) ($107.00), 2. Full Day Tour (5 Hours) ($177.00)

Langa Transport Option

Own Transport ($0), Return Transport 1 ($37.00), Return Transport 2 ($43.00)

6 reviews for Langa Township Home Gallery Tour (Cape Town)

  1. 5 out of 5


    Everyone visiting Cape Town should spend a few hours in Langa.
    This tour is a thrilling experience. We did it on a Saturday morning, which was a good choice as it enabled us to share some leisure time with the people living there.
    Mostly, we have appreciated the outstanding murals and paintings, the time we’ve spent with some musicians playing beautifully in their porch, and the traditional meal that we’ve shared in their home.
    Thanks to our guide, Bongani , we have learnt a lot about the history of this township and we now perceive it as a most lively and creative area.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Awesome experience visiting the Langa Township and a great host in Bongani showing us street art and introducing us to local artist. I do recommend this to anyone interested in tapping into to the local community.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I like what you guys are doing with the kasi homes. Keep growing in your good work.

  4. :

    A superbly guided experience by Bongani! We had several days in CT and this was a welcome cultural experience and it was particularly nice to meet residents and discuss their art. The practical side of the visit including an art class and the drumming lessons was really fun. Thank you for such a rich experience.

  5. :

    The Maboneng experience is truly amazing and so different from everything I experienced before. Meeting artists and homeowners is really amazing as you can see the impact the program brings about. I would highly recommend this tour.

  6. 5 out of 5


    This was a very inspiring tour for me, as a south Africa it made me feel extremely motivated. I believe that everyone should do this tour. It is something out of the norm and getting to go and experience artists in the comfort of their own homes it sensational. They are truly talented and I feel honoured to have been apart of it. I

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