Johannesburg Sports and Cultural Extravaganza

Duration: 5 Hours

Location: Johannesburg, Alexandra Township, Soweto

Tour without transport


Tour with Transport


- Suitable for all ages.
- Please inform us of any dietary restrictions or special accommodations in advance.
- Cancellation policy: Full refund if canceled at least 7 days before the tour.

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Immerse yourself in a full day of sports, culture, and arts in Johannesburg.

  • Engage in exciting basketball icebreakers.
  • Dive into the rich sports history of Johannesburg.
  • Explore the cultural history of Alexandra township.
  • Experience an aquastrian adventure with horses in Soweto.
  • Attend an exclusive arts auction.
  • Visit gallery homes and museums with unique sports-themed products.

Restrooms available at most tour stops.

Bookings close 5 hours before the session starts.

Suitable for all ages.

Photography allowed at most tour locations.

This is a shuttled experience

Vegetarian and vegan options available upon request.

Park and Ride facility available from Alex Mall

The tour begins with a morning pickup from a central location, covering basketball icebreakers, sports and cultural history in Alexandra, an aquastrian experience in Soweto, and concludes with an art auction and gallery/museum visits.

Alexandra Basketball Icebreakers:

Engage in lively and fun basketball activities.

Sports History Exploration:

Dive into the rich sports history of Johannesburg.

Cultural History of Alexandra Township:

Explore the cultural heritage and history of Alexandra.

Soweto Aquastrian Experience:

Enjoy a unique equestrian adventure with horses in Soweto.

Arts Auction:

Attend an exclusive arts auction featuring sports-themed artworks.

Gallery Homes and Museums:

Visit gallery homes and museums offering unique sports-themed products.

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Can’t find my tickets. Can you resend them?

Can’t find my tickets. Can you resend them?

If you can’t find your tickets or are having any other issue, please send us an email at and we’d be happy to help you.

I can no longer use my tickets. Can I give them to a friend?

Your tickets are transferrable, so if you can’t use your tickets, feel free to give them to a friend to use.

My payment declined.

If your payment has declined follow the patreon guideline here.

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"A day packed with sports, culture, and arts – truly an unforgettable experience!"

Jessica L.

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