The Tommy Machaba Gallery Home

Duration: 15 minutes

Location: Alexandra Township



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Tommy Machaba is a prolific photographic memory painter. He focuses on the Alexandra Township landscape through a comical technical lens.

  • From his gallery home that is a work in progress, one can only wonder how a man can maintain such resolve.
  • It is in this curiosity that one can find inspiration from Mr Machaba, who through all odds will never fail his talent.
  • You are welcome to his home where he tells his story, wishes and dreams.

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Journey into the environment of Tommy Machaba. A hero in the arts scene of Johannesburg in his own right.

Mr Machaba's street

One of the most populated streets in Alexandra Township - 14th Ave. Here resides Mr Machaba and his family.

Mr Machaba's home

The mayor of his own home, built with his own hands. A pride for his comforts. In the alleys of township formerly known as Dark City.

In the gallery home

No other like it in the world. Its a beauty to see artists break the status quo and find themselves shining in the darkest of moments.

Mr Machaba's works

Take time to explore his works as if you were right there.

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