Townships into Towns Virtual Experience

Duration: 40 min

Location: Alexandra Township, Johannesburg, South Africa in Virtual Reality 360



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Be immersed in the very first 360 VIRTUAL REALITY of a Township turning into a Town one gallery home at a time.

  • The Townships have been in a crazy situation. It is time for this to end.
  • We have created a virtual experience that is child friendly, educational and assists in growing the townships at the same time.
  • You can now do the experience from home, at school even your place of entertainment.
  • Part of the proceeds go towards the subject/s of the experience.

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Maboneng Township Arts Experience Virtual Tours and Experiences

Townships Into Towns Virtual Reality Experience

The townships/neighbourhoods have been in a pressured situation for a long time now. Women and children have been growing up in stringent social dynamics that no human being has to endure. 

Through our destination development work we have confirmed the following: Because you are poor, it does not mean that you can’t change how you perceive yourself. And that because you don’t have money doesn’t mean you can’t change your community. Finally, because the community is perceived to be in a bad part of town it doesn’t mean people from all over the world would not love to come visit.

Building townships into towns is a task that will take not only physical but mental health. To remove the stereotype that townships cannot be changed, both by their own community members and their supporters, innovative ideas have to be created to boost the positive  curiosity of willing minds all over the world.

It is this reason that the Maboneng Township Arts Experience has created a 360 Virtual Reality Experience to assist people, both from communities and those visiting, on how to re imagine the community and its immediate environment differently.

Experience being immersed in the very first 360 Virtual Reality Experience of a Township turning into a Town one gallery home at a time.

  • Experience the tour from home, at school or even your place of entertainment.
  • All virtual experiences are child friendly and educational.
  • Part of the proceeds go towards the subject/s of the experience.

Join us for a unique experience, exploring the creative energy of a vibrant and thriving township. Learn about it’s historical narratives so that you can better appreciate the artistic output of this location. 

By participating in this virtual social experience, you’re joining in the work of creating a positive impact while uniquely having fun and learning about South African communities. 

Directly support the organisation’s training and community destination development work and get an experience of a lifetime that you can enjoy from home. 

You will receive a link to your experience once your check out is complete. The link will lead you to your virtual experience that you can access from most devices. The virtual experience is 360 so you can look around to get the full creative and immersive experience.


A virtual experience like no other in the heart of townships, with places many can't explore even with a guide. You get first insight.

The Blue Mansion

A place of wonder. Space is no matter in the Townships yet an intrinsic necessity. People make do with what they have and grow from caterpillar to butterfly patiently.

A township turning into a town

A glimpse into a world where neighbours pulled together with out project to create a destination of note that inspires many from around the world.

A Big man in a tiny space

Visit one of the most intelligent yet challenged young man from the townships of South Africa in Alexandra Township. His Story is one to be a part of.

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This experience was great for the whole team. I really enjoyed it too. The guides from around the country gathering to tell one very cool story. I am not even computer savvy. I just clicked the link and I looked up and around in youtube. Amazing!

Anonymous - South Africa

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