Beyond Hoops and Boards: Exploring Township Sports Heritage

Duration: 4 Days

Location: Johannesburg, Alexandra Township, Soweto

General Admission


- Minimum age for participation is 10 years.
- Please inform us of any dietary restrictions or special accommodations in advance.
- Cancellation policy: Full refund if cancelled at least 30 days before the tour.

Join the community of turning townships into towns

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Empower township youth through 'Beyond Hoops & Boards,' connecting global visitors with sports and culture. Impact young athletes.

  • Empower young athletes, fuel sports growth in townships, and uplift local talent with our immersive tour
  • Immerse in township sports heritage through gallery homes and museum homes, where athlete history comes alive
  • oin a tour driving economic empowerment and supporting athletes for sustainable township growth
  • Create enduring memories, connect with local talent, and explore the fusion of sports, culture, and history
  • Make a lasting community impact by participating in 'Beyond Hoops and Boards,' supporting young athletes and unity

Bookings close 5 days before the session starts.

Tours will run on the Weekend

Everyone is welcome

This is a shuttled experience

Cameras allowed on the tour

Family friendly experience

Park and Ride facility available from Alex Mall

Traditional food available

Step into the vibrant world of township sports, culture, and economic empowerment on our immersive “Beyond Hoops and Boards” tour. This experience promises to connect you with local talent, rich heritage, and community support, leaving you with lasting memories and a sense of contribution.

The tour begins in [Location], where you’ll meet our knowledgeable and friendly guides who will introduce you to the day’s schedule and provide an overview of the tour’s objectives.

Visit a local basketball court where you’ll meet young athletes. Engage with them in friendly games and drills, fostering a sense of support and unity. Witness their passion and dedication.

Savor a delicious local meal at one of the sportsmen’s gallery homes, providing an opportunity to enjoy authentic township cuisine while immersing yourself in the stories and achievements of local athletes.

Explore the strategic world of chess with young champions. Learn and play chess with them in a relaxed environment, appreciating the intellectual side of township sports.

Journey through the township’s history by visiting more sportsmen’s gallery homes and museum homes. Discover the stories and achievements of athletes who have left an indelible mark on the community.

Learn about the tour’s contribution to economic empowerment as you hear stories of how the tour supports athletes and promotes sustainable growth in the township communities.
Transportation: Our tour provides comfortable transportation throughout the day, ensuring you can focus on the experience and enjoy the scenery.

The tour concludes back in [Location] with a sense of fulfillment and a deeper connection to the local talent, culture, and history. You’ll leave with lasting memories, newfound knowledge, and the knowledge that you’ve made a meaningful impact on the community by supporting young athletes and fostering unity.

The tour is designed to be inclusive, and participants of all fitness levels and ages are welcome.
Our guides are passionate about the township’s heritage and are available to answer questions and provide insights throughout the tour.
‘Beyond Hoops and Boards’ is not just a tour but an opportunity to be a part of a positive change in the community while experiencing the true essence of township sports and culture.ur guide will greet you at….

Explore the cultural and sports highlights in Johannesburg, Alexandra Township, and Soweto.

Johannesburg, Alexandra Township, and Soweto

- Johannesburg, Alexandra Township, and Soweto are rich in cultural and sports heritage.
- Engage in sports workshops in dedicated facilities.
- Meet young sports athletes

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"This tour opened my eyes to the incredible sports culture of Johannesburg's townships. A truly unforgettable experience!"

Maria L.

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