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Join the community of turning townships into towns

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Visit South Africa through the eyes of a creative global local

Four days of South Africa in the eyes of a creative global local is a new world untouched by travel experiences anywhere. This is a new form of participatory travel that creatively awakens a sense of self that one needs in a travel period and beyond.

The lovely aspect here is that you take part in amending the itinerary based on the many experiences that we have access to. From safari with a twist to lovely environments that hold the spirit of change and community experiences with a sense of artistic innovation. We understand the individual and the group and are able to tailor on the go to keep an edge on our experiences that cannot be worded but lived.

After you book our agents will be in touch to go through your itinerary. We will arrange your airport pick up, accommodation, shuttles and experiences.

Join us in turning South Africa into a better country through our epic exploration of participatory travel.

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